The future of decentralized storage is bright

As the race to commercialize spaceflight took to the sky, another space race was heating up in web3 — measured in terabytes, not tonnes. HackFS 2021 marked a year of explosive growth in the decentralized storage space, bringing together hackers, ecosystem leaders, and innovators from around the world to envision the future of data storage.

HackFS, by the numbers:

🌈 151 Projects

🎙 30 Talks and Workshops

👩🏼 650+ Hackers

🌍 61 Countries

⏳ 18 Time Zones

🌟 12 Finalists

Highlights from our largest hackathon yet

Three weeks in the summer, $300,000+ on the table, and over 1000 hackers from around the world — let’s just say HackMoney 2021 didn’t disappoint. Our second DeFi-focused hackathon brought together an impressive list of leading minds, innovative teams, and hackers of all backgrounds to cross-populate ideas and catalyze growth in our ecosystem.

HackMoney, by the numbers:

👩‍🔬 1100+ hackers

📺 1000+ summit attendees

🌍 75+ countries represented

🎙 70+ talks & workshops

🤑 231 projects

🌟 16 finalists

Though a month may seem like a sizable amount of time to most, it’s a tight timeframe for a…

Highlights from a weekend focused on the future

For three days in May, we brought the Ethereum community together online to envision a decentralized future. Alongside our friends at Protocol Labs, we set out to build a platform for web2 developers to experiment with web3 technology. Teams from around the world got a chance to test their brightest ideas, and industry leaders shared their thoughts on where the space is headed.

The weekend, by the numbers:

🌈 94 Web3-focused projects

🎙 16 Talks & workshops

🌟 12 Finalists

👩🏼 281 Hackathon participants

📺 526 Summit attendees

Though this event only lasted three days, the hacks…

Wrapping up a month-long hackathon

For the past few weeks, we’ve hosted hackers from around the world in support of one mission, helping Ethereum scale. While scaling is always an important issue for Ethereum’s growth, recent excitement around the space has highlighted an increased need for scaling solutions.

Interesting stats thus far:

  • 1100+ Summit Attendees
  • 630 Hackers
  • 143 Projects
  • 58 Countries Represented
  • 18 Time Zones
  • $200,000+ in prizes up for grabs

We were absolutely thrilled by the level of quality brought by every team that participated, and that has been matched by the energy brought by our speakers and sponsors. …

Highlights from a Hackathon weekend for the books

For one weekend in March, we brought together a virtual collective of creatives and engineers to hack the next generation of digital assets. In collaboration with our sponsors, NFTHack highlighted the current energy in the NFT space. Back-to-back talks on cutting-edge protocols, stimulating workshops, and competition for prizes made for a memorable event.

By the numbers:

  • 1,200 Summit Attendees
  • 634 Hackers
  • 182 NFT Projects
  • 20 Talks & Workshops
  • 70 Mentors
  • 26 Companies
  • 10 Finalists

NFTHack surpassed all expectations. The projects we received showed off levels of quality that were matched by the intimate presentations by…

This is a transcript of a panel hosted by Mariano Conti & ETHGlobal as part of MarketMake, a DeFi hackathon powered by Aave. Link to full video here.

Thank you to Mariano Conti for hosting, and thank you to our panelists, Sam Sun, Maurelian, Emiliano Bonassi, Tincho Abbate & Doggie B.

Welcome & Introductions

Mariano Conti [MC]: My name is Mariano Conti, I used to be Head of Smart Contracts at the Maker Foundation. Lately, [I’m] just a figurehead in DeFi, floating around waiting to see what’s what’s up. For now, I’ll be your host for today.

Let me start with the introductions……

Apply and Register Here

Remember when new tech was… exciting?

When tech was about more than bigger screens, exclusive clubhouses, the un-bundling and re-bundling of features?

The days when you went out of your way to try the latest thing. Even if it wasn’t perfect. Because it wasn’t perfect. Because you could see where this was going.

Well, have we got news for you.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, anarchists, artists, and market makers spend their days and nights thinking, building, talking about Ethereum because we are… excited.

We’re excited by the idea that Ethereum can change things. That Ethereum is a fulcrum…

Come build the foundation of the decentralized web with ETHGlobal and Protocol Labs from July 6 to August 6 — Applications open now

Hey hackers! By now you may have heard — ETHGlobal’s next online hackathon is HackFS, a hackathon focused on building the foundation of the decentralized web. We’re thrilled to be working closely with the team at Protocol Labs to make it easier than ever for developers to use decentralized storage in their apps.


  • Starts Monday, July 6
  • 30 days to build with the support of ETHGlobal and Protocol Labs
  • $125K+ in prizes and 25k FIL
  • Sponsors…


  • HackMoney is ETHGlobal’s first online DeFi hackathon, starting April 24
  • Applications close on April 19th, apply here to secure your place!
  • HackMoney is a white glove developer experience to help you build high quality projects that you can keep working on after the hackathon

We’ve spent the last few months talking to our users: hackers, sponsors, experts, and others across the Ethereum community.

After a few iterations, we think we have a recipe for an incredible online experience that captures some of the magic of ETHGlobal’s in-person hackathons, while taking advantage of the unique benefits of a remote multi-week event.

Today we’re excited to launch our Ethereum Developer Survey, a major effort to better understand how to grow & support our dev community.


  • Please fill out the survey! It will take you 15 minutes.
  • This survey is for everyone with a technical interest in Ethereum! We want to hear from you whether you’re totally new, or been around since genesis.

Everyone who 100% completes the full survey by answering every question is eligible to win:

  • 💰 1 of 10 prizes of 100 DAI (!)
  • ✈️ 1 of 3 free return flights to an ETHGlobal event in 2020 (!!)
  • 🎟 1…


Onboarding thousands of developers to the Ethereum ecosystem. Supported by L4, SV Angel, and the Ethereum Foundation.

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